Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking – survey

Deadline 4th November 2019

The purpose of this questionnaire is to understand partner/organisational perspectives on modern slavery within North East Lincolnshire.  It will contribute to the problem profile and overall understanding of Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking within North East Lincolnshire.

The questions are influenced by current police understanding of the problem and intelligence gaps that need to be filled. 

Please answer the questions from the perspective of your organisation.  Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking Team want to understand your experiences and perceptions of modern slavery and its relationship to your role.  If you want to provide any further comments which are not covered in the questions there is opportunity in section A23. 

Please return this to  before 4th November 2019. 

Home Choice Lincs Allocations Policy

Deadline 31st October 2019

Home Choice Lincs is the partnership of North East Lincolnshire Council, North Lincolnshire Council, Ongo Homes, Lincolnshire Housing Partnership, Longhurst Group, Sanctuary Housing & The Guinness Partnership. It was launched in 2010 as a way to jointly advertise affordable homes available for rent.

Their allocations policy is the document that sets out how they will ensure our homes are allocated in a fair and transparent way. It shows how they assess people’s housing needs and award them the correct priority banding. They periodically review this policy to ensure that they are still meeting the needs of their customers.

  • Band 1: Urgent priority
  • Band 2: High priority
  • Band 3: Medium priority
  • Band 4: Low priority

To find out more, please click here.

Special Educational Needs and Disability Survey

Deadline 20th November 2019

Following the 2018 SEND local area inspection, North East Lincolnshire Council want to hear from parents/carers and children/young people about your experience and your ideas about how to improve the services provided for Special Educational Needs and Disability in our area.

NELC want to know what good services look like to you, so they can work together to develop this and they want to follow this up next year to see if you think things have got better.

Young person survey – click here.

Parents/carers survey – click here.

Healthwatch NEL – Appointments Questionnaire

Healthwatch NEL will be out and about over the next couple of months encouraging people to share their views as a patient, more specifically on the GP appointment system and their experiences of it. 

The Healthwatch – Appointments Questionnaire will help build a picture of the GP practices and make recommendations for service improvement.

You can find out more clicking here.

Talking, Listening & Working Together

Deadline 28th October 2019

North East Lincolnshire Council have been working with local stakeholder groups to develop a better way to talk, listen and work with the community, which has resulted in the commitment anyone can use below.

NELC are looking to adopt the commitment and we want to use your views to help develop the best way we, NELC and NELCCG, achieve this. 

To access the consultation, please click here.

Homelessness & Rough Sleeping Strategy Consultation

The Homelessness strategy sets out the local picture on homelessness – how people become homeless in our area, what they can do to prevent becoming homeless, and what support the council and partner organisations can offer to get people back on their feet.

NELC are asking for people’s views on what their aims and priorities should be.

The results will help us update the strategy and tackle homelessness in the future.

You can have your say here by clicking here.

This consultation closes on Sunday 13 October 2019.

E.U Exit – Local Business Insight

The Humber LEP Business Growth Hub works with many businesses across the Humber region, and has therefore been asked by the Government Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) to solicit the views and feedback on the issues that the business community in the Humber are facing as a result of the UK’s decision to withdraw from the European Union by 31st October 2019.

As a business in the Humber, any feedback you are able to provide on this form will be treated in the strictest confidence, and will only be shared with the Government Department for BEIS. The Humber Growth Hub will also be able to use your feedback to help inform their business support activities regarding EU-withdrawal over the coming weeks and months which you will be able to engage with when available.

To find out more and to access the survey, please click here.

Commissioning and Procurement experiences within NE Lincolnshire

Deadline 27th September 2019

Thank you to all those that have already responded, we would now love to hear from organisations who are interested in tendering for contracts in the future. We have extended the deadline to 27th September 2019. All responses are still welcome.

At the July VCSE Forum meeting we discussed commissioning and procurement processes with NE Lincs Clinical Commissioning Group (NELCCG) and NE Lincs Council (NELC)

Since then SSNEL have met with Sally Czabaniuk (NELCCG) and we have agreed to gather feedback and perspectives in regard to commissioning and procurement journeys  – both from the NELCCG/NELC and VCSE Sector.  Our aim is to improve the commissioning and procurement approach for all concerned.  This first piece of data gathering is a starting point, we will along the way:

  • Engage those involved in the journey/with experience to look at solutions/ways of working to support the VCSE sector; to explore commissioning and procurement going forward. What that looks like is not yet known, but is likely to start with a small working group/meeting of commissioners and VCSE organisations – any ideas please let SSNEL know. 
  • Be aware of other initiatives and activities nationally and within the sector, NELCCG and NELC that may influence or impact the commissioning and procurement process, examples include, The Social Value Act, The Engagement Strategy for NEL (currently being drafted in partnership with the sector), constitutional requirements and new and upcoming proposals such as the support of the New Economy Partnership as discussed at the July VCSE Forum.  
  • Keep VCSE Forum, NELCCG and NELC updated and engaged with the work/outcomes as they take place.  

To this end this is a call for information about your organisations commissioning and procurement experiences.  Please complete the following survey providing clear and constructive feedback, both positive and negative.   

The survey can be found by click here.