Electoral Commission: General Election Feedback Survey

Survey Deadline: 19 August 2024

The Electoral Commission are inviting charities and not-for-profit organisations to participate in a survey to provide feedback on voter experiences, the usefulness of their resources, and any future support needed.

This feedback will help shape plans for future elections, starting with the polls in May 2025. Feedback from polling station staff will be gathered through a separate survey.

For questions or contact, please email: partners@electoralcommission.org.uk

Click link to survey here.

NHS Humber Health Partnership: Future of Hospital Care

Assist them in shaping the future of hospital care in our region.

They are starting a discussion about what our future hospitals and community services might look like, and they want your input.

With Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust and Hull University Teaching Hospitals collaborating as a group, there are new opportunities to innovate and operate differently. They want to understand what matters most to you for the future. It could be:

  • creating a greener NHS  
  • harnessing the power of AI and other technology
  • offering new roles to attract the very best future doctors and nurses.

Whatever it is, they want to hear your ideas. They have created a short survey which will take approximately ten minutes to complete. You can access it here: Group Strategy Development – Encapsulate (hull.nhs.uk)

Charity Governance Code – Consultation

Deadline: 11th August 2024.

Have Your Say on the Charity Governance Code!

The Charity Governance Code is designed to help charities and their trustees achieve high standards of governance. Created by and for the charity sector, it’s a vital resource for guiding effective management and leadership.

A  public consultation is now open to gather feedback on the Charity Governance Code.

The consultation survey closes 11th August 2024.

Responses are encouraged from everyone involved in the charity sector, both professionals and volunteers. Your input will help to refine the Code’s content, structure, and user-friendliness.

Your feedback is needed as it will contribute to updating the Code. A new version is set to be released in 2025.

Our Future: Grimsby Together

Closes: 9th June 2024

Join the Conversation!

This is a conversation for people from Grimsby and NE Lincs Using an interactive tool via the link below.  The question is ….. If you think of the best possible Grimsby in 2034 what specific things will have happened in the town to make it so great?

Our Future would like your feedback.  They want your ideas and input too. You can take part in two ways:

  1. Vote on the statements shared by others with one of three options – Agree, Disagree, Pass/Unsure
  2. Add your own statements, which can either be fresh ideas or a statement that builds on something said by someone else. Do add your own statements so that you can have your say!

To join the conversation right now, visit the Our Future website here.

Your feedback and involvement are important

This work Our Future is doing together will feed into the Grimsby Plan being developed by North East Lincolnshire Council to secure funding as part of the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities’ (DLUHC) Long-Term Plan for Towns. This is a central government spending commitment of £20m. (More information can be found on the link above).

Update on responses:

Over 927 people have engaged with the Polis platform since it launched, casting 46,826 votes on statements. More than 700 statements have been entered into the platform (370 accepted).

Our Future would like to thank you all for making this happen.  There are many more out there who would want to engage, so do keep sharing the message if you can – it closes on 9th June:

Grimsby Together events this week

Who is Our Future? Read more about them here – https://www.our-future.io/ or contact Our Future via hello@our-future.io

Discriminatory abuse and hate crime survey


Deadline: 14 June 2024

Researchers from The Centre for Seldom Heard Voices at Bournemouth University, in collaboration with Royal Holloway University of London are conducting a national survey to explore practices used in safeguarding responses to hate crime and discriminatory abuse.

The survey is aimed at senior professionals and managers with expertise in the field of safeguarding adults, please share with relevant colleagues. Closing date for the survey is 14 June.  

Our findings will be used to build a national snapshot of practice in this area and to understand and determine sectoral capacity and any gaps for addressing hate crime and discriminatory abuse. Your responses will be used to build a national snapshot of practice in this area.

Find out more on the information page, including ethics and data protection information.

safeguarding-adults-restorative-practices (jisc.ac.uk)

Ofsted – The Big Listen


Deadline: 31 May 2024

The Big Listen seeks views right across their work, from schools and children’s social care to teacher training and early years.

Across their work, they want to explore 4 areas:

  • reporting – how they report on their education and regulatory inspections
  • inspection practice – the shape of their education and regulatory inspections, their ways of working and the craft of inspecting
  • culture and purpose – the conduct of their inspections and the way they work
  • impact – the consequences of their inspections for children, professionals, institutions and parents’ choices

The Big Listen is structured to allow you to provide feedback on the areas of greatest interest and importance to you. You may only want to give them your views on schools. Or you might want to share views on how they report across further education and teacher training.

Whatever your focus, they have structured the Big Listen so you only need to comment on the things that matter to you.

Thank you for taking the time to help them improve and achieve their ambition of being a world-class inspectorate and regulator.

Ofsted Big Listen

If your work, your children, your decisions, your education, or your care are affected by what they do, then they want to hear from you.

Take the Ofsted Big Listen survey- external site:

The Big Listen (smartsurvey.co.uk)

Ofsted Big Listen children’s survey

They also want to hear from the children they work for.

Take the children’s survey- external site:

Ofsted – Children’s Consultation (smartsurvey.co.uk)

This consultation closes at 11:59pm on 31 May 2024

Cleethorpes Pier Gardens & Market Place Survey


Deadline: 24th May 2024

Have your say for the future of Cleethorpes Pier Gardens.

The work has begun to develop the draft designs for Pier Gardens, and they want you to have your say to help the Council realise its ambitions.

For the second phase of development, they are again, inviting residents, businesses and visitors to tell them what they like about the concept designs, share their creative ideas & what they would like to see in the space, so that final designs can be drawn up within the budget available from the Levelling UP Funding award.

If you would like to view the concepts further then visit the dedicated webpage, Pier GardensPier Gardens | NELC (nelincs.gov.uk)

 If you would like to know more about the Cleethorpes Masterplan this you can read at Cleethorpes Masterplan — Hemingway Design Hemingway Design- external site .

Cleethorpes Masterplan — Hemingway Design Hemingway Design

Have your say by completing this online survey.

You can choose to feedback on both projects or pick one, if you choose both then it won’t take you more than 10 minutes to complete.

Please go to their online survey- external site.

We want you to have your say for the future of  Cleethorpes Market Place & Pier Gardens | QuestionPro Survey

Closing date is Friday 24th May 2024.

Dockside Studios Community Film Production Surveys

The Dockside Studios CIC team is exploring the idea of creating a community film in NEL. They’re eager to reach out to creatives, businesses, and residents who might want to participate.

Your input through their survey(s) would be greatly valued, and they also encourage you to share it with your colleagues, friends, and family.

Please click the relevant survey link:

Ofsted’s: ‘Big Listen’ consultation

Deadline: 31 May

Ofsted has extended its Big Listen consultation to include input from children up to age 18, seeking their opinions on how Ofsted can enhance its services. This gives children the opportunity to share their thoughts on what inspectors should focus on when visiting schools or social care settings.

The children’s consultation is part of the broader Big Listen consultation, which also involves parents, carers, and professionals in education and social care.

Both consultations conclude on May 31st at 11:59 pm.

Visit website via link:

Ofsted Big Listen – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

North Yorkshire & the Humber ICB: Inclusion Health Survey

North Yorkshire & the Humber ICB are currently in the early stages of undertaking work related to inclusion health in the North Yorkshire & Humber region and want to better understand services targeting inclusion health groups. 

They have developed a short survey which they would like local authority, NHS and VCSE organisations working with inclusion health groups to undertake.

Please click here to complete the survey.