Local VCSE impact survey

We would like to get a better idea of how the current crisis is affecting voluntary and community sector groups in North East Lincolnshire and would be grateful if you could complete this quick and simple survey. We would still like you to complete it even if your group has NOT been involved in the Covid-19 response and has not been badly affected, as this helps us to understand the overall impact.

We appreciate you might have filled out other regional surveys but please take a few minutes to answer the questions.

Responses will help us to assess the scale of any funding issues, and identify any particular areas of work, or organisations, that may experience a significant negative impact.

If you have any questions please contact Pippa Robson on 07791 040433 or email pippa@nbforum.org.uk


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Sense, The National Deafblind And Rubella Association, Research Questionnaire

Sense, The National Deafblind And Rubella Association, and the ukactive Research Institute are partnering together to understand in more detail how families with a child or children with complex disabilities engage in physical activity. As part of this, they would like to ask you some questions on your perceptions of activity opportunities available through this short survey.

This will be used to support the continued development of physical activity provisions for children with complex disabilities.

To find out more and to access the survey, click here.

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Consultation on Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Deadline 2nd October 2019

This consultation aims to gather evidence about whether the current laws on protecting people from sexual harassment in the workplace are effective.

Government Equalities Office (GEO) want everybody to feel safe at work so they can succeed and thrive. GEO are therefore looking at whether the current laws on this issue provide the protections they’re supposed to; considering whether there are any gaps and thinking about what more can be done at a practical level to ensure people are properly protected at work

To help them with this they want to understand people’s experiences, focussing on some particular issues we might be able to tackle through changes to the law:

  • How best to make sure employers take all the steps they can to prevent harassment from happening
  • Strengthening and clarifying the law so it’s clear employers should protect their staff from being harassed by clients, customers, or other people from outside their organisation
  • Whether interns and volunteers are adequately protected by current laws and
  • Whether people should be given longer to take a harassment, discrimination or victimisation claim to an Employment Tribunal

To find out more, please visit the GOV.UK website here.

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Council Tax Support Scheme NELC

Deadline 18th October 2019

North East Lincolnshire Council (NELC) would like your views on the level of council tax support offered to households and how the system operates.

Since 2013 we’ve needed to decide our own council tax support schemes. Currently NELC provide financial support towards the cost of council tax bills for low income working age households and pension households. The scheme must be affordable to the council and must not impact on the delivery of key frontline services. The term working age is referring to those households that are under 65 years of age and do not receive any state pension.   

North East Lincolnshire’s Council Tax Support Scheme Proposals

Here are the options they would like your opinion on that could be in place in 2020;

  • The level of discount provided to all working age customers changes from 75% of the council tax charge to 65%. This means that all eligible households will pay a minimum of 35% of their council tax charge in 2020. In 2021 all non-disabled households will move to 50% with those in receipt of disability benefits remaining at 65% support.
  • The level of discount provided to low income working age customers changes from 75% of council tax charge to 50%. This means that all low income working age households, including those who are disabled will pay a minimum of 50% of their council tax charge. 
  • The level of discount provided to non-disabled working age customers changes from 75% of council tax liability to 50%. This means that all non-disabled households will pay a minimum of 50% of their council tax charge. The level of support provided to disabled working age customers will remain at 75% of the council tax charge. This means that all disabled households will pay a minimum of 25% of their council tax charge.
  • The hardship scheme support fund to help those claimants suffering from extreme and unavoidable financial difficulties will continue.
  • The statutory support available for pension age claimants will remain unchanged and will not be affected by the above proposals.

To access the consultation, please click here.

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Arts Council -Consulting on the next ten years: summer 2019

Deadline 23rd September 2019

Arts Council have recently published their draft strategy 2020-2030, which will shape their development, advocacy and investment approach over the next ten years. 

Over the last 18 months, Arts Council have gathered a huge range of evidence and spoken to over 5,000 people, including artists, staff in museums, libraries and arts organisations, as well as their own staff, the public, children and young people and stakeholders from across the creative industries, education, local government and beyond.

This second and final consultation on the draft strategy will ask you to respond to Arts Council proposed vision, three outcomes and related priorities, and three investment principles, as well as ideas for how they should deliver the new strategy.

The consultation is open for anyone to take part in, but is primarily designed for those working within or with the cultural sector, and covers various aspects of the draft strategy and its delivery in detail. 

To find out more and access the consultation please click here.

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Social Investment Tax Relief: call for evidence

Deadline 17th July 2019

At Budget 2018, the government announced it would publish a call for evidence on the Social Investment Tax Relief.

The aim of this call for evidence is to enable the government to understand how the Social Investment Tax Relief (SITR) has been used since its introduction in 2014, including levels of take up and what impact it has had on social enterprises’ access to finance.

The SITR has a sunset clause which will bring the scheme to an end in April 2021, and this call for evidence will help inform a decision about the future of the relief.

For further information please click here.

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Resource and Waste and Plastic Packaging Tax Consultations

Resources and Waste Strategy Consultations

The recently published Resources and Waste Strategy set out the UK Government’s ambitions for higher recycling rates, increased resource efficiency and a more circular economy. These ambitions require changes in how we produce and consume products and materials, as well as how we treat and dispose of them at end-of-life.

Defra is now consulting on three flagship policy commitments outlined in the Resources and Waste Strategy:

  • Reforming the packaging producer responsibility regulations in the UK
  • Introducing a deposit return scheme for drinks containers in England, Northern Ireland and Wales
  • Measures to accelerate consistency in recycling for both households and businesses in England

For more information please visit the website here.

They are currently seeking your views on the following consultations

Consistency in Household and Business Recycling Collections in England

Please give your views here

Closing: 13th May

Consultation to introduce a Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) for England, Wales and Northern Ireland

Please give your views here

Closing: 13th May

Consultation on reforming the UK packaging producer responsibility system

Please give your views here

Closing: 13th May

Plastic Packaging Tax

Alongside the standard consultation, the government has included a condensed version for stakeholders who would prefer to provide views on only the high-level principles of the tax. The government would prefer stakeholders with industry or environmental experience to respond to the standard version. 

You can feed into the full consultation here.

Or you can feed into the high-level consultation here.

Closing: 12th May 2019

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