Case Studies and Testimonials

Andy Green – Chair of Counting Hope

“If you’re involved in any way with a third sector organisation and you aren’t taking advantage of Sector Support North East Lincolnshire, then you’re seriously missing out! The team have a fantastic wealth of knowledge and experience on more topics than I ever realised existed on any type of charitable organisation. In the unlikely event there is anything they are unsure of though, they have always been able to double check and confirm within an extremely reasonable amount of time.

Sector Support have not only provided Counting Hope with guidance, templates and superb training but they also supported us with our application to the Charity Commission. It was only with their assistance we were able to become a registered charity. In addition, we’re grateful for the resources they were able to sign-post us to after our application was successful.

I have also benefitted massively from Sector Support’s ability to find sources of funding for various projects and the role of critical friend they are able to play when writing bids. I would like to attribute a significant proportion of Counting Hope’s success to Sector Support as even their reassurance is invaluable.

All in all, a brilliant service from a lovely team of people – quick, reliable and knowledgeable! I have every confidence in recommending Sector Support to anyone.”

Sam Delaney – Director of Creative Start Arts C.I.C

“I have always felt supported by the North Bank Forum. This includes help and support from Claire , Amy and Pippa. The support they have provided has helped myself personally and Creative Start as an organisation. We have had more access to funding and been made aware of available opportunities. This has also included training opportunities and advice in the running of our organisation. I have personally had a lot of contact with Claire who has always supported us with good advice and opportunities. Pippa helped myself and Creative Start extensively recently, when she helped us put together a tender. This was the first tender we had done so her experience was highly beneficial and greatly appreciated. We were successful with the tender and this will have a positive impact on our organisation and the local community. We are very thankful for the support we have received.”

Sue Fortune Joint CEO of Lincolnshire Community Foundation

“Many thanks for inviting me along, it was an excellent event – probably the best one I’ve been to in the 15 years I’ve been in post. The range of funders and, more importantly, mix of grassroots groups was very impressive. Without events such as this, it can be difficult to get the word out about the funds we manage and support available.” (2017 Sector Support Funding Fair)

Jane Mansfield – Director of 2020 Community Sport

“Just wanted to thank you for all the hard work and support that you have provided over the last few months to us at 2020 Community Sport CIC, it is much appreciated.”

Stephen Ryder – Managing Director of CPO

” It is almost impossible to quantify how valuable I believe this service to be. If I have any influence I will be recommending that SSNEL be awarded a new contract”

Kim Ward – CARE Housing & Community Support Manager of CARE

“I have found the support from Claire to be exceptional. She is helpful, knowledgeable, highly approachable and I cannot recommend her highly enough. She has been there to support me whenever I need it. When I was promoted to management within my charity, Claire was key in helping me to begin developing within that role. The she gave me insight and confidence. Pippa is also very helpful and incredibly knowledgeable. The funding fairs are brilliant. I love this team and what they do, it’s so reassuring to have them about.”