Case Studies and Testimonials

We recently published a survey about our services and received positive feedback from the community. With 92% said their experience with us was Excellent and 8% Good/Satisfactory.

“My experience of using SSNEL is absolutely up there with the best professionals I have known in my 33 year career. Their hard work is palpable, the knowledge is vast and the speed of assistance is virtually immediate. Claire Etheridge is super responsive to any query and any help Claire can give CARE is developed by Claire to the nth degree, so CARE gets the most out of it. She listens to what we need, thinks about it and helps us to act and where necessary, she will act herself. She believes in us and what we do, she ‘sees’ us and attaches great value to what we do because she has seen it, particularly during covid where everyone was under pressure and SSNEL stepped up to plate and helped the public directly where needed. Claire is right behind us, alongside us and is truly indispensable to us. Amy and Pippa have been a massive help with Amy arranging meetings and disseminating important information to all agencies and always keeping us informed. Amy is a delight to speak to. Pippa’s advice over the years has been super helpful and the effort she took to critically friend an NLCF yearly report I did gave me so much confidence in my work and our organisations reflection of itself to our key funder. Pippa knows so much and I have such respect and trust in her. Basically, SSNEL, I love you!! :)”

“Staff always get back to you and are very personable, professional and helpful nothing is too much trouble for them. They offer great ideas, support and networking opportunities and encourage and promote a co-production approach”

“I have worked with the whole team since 2016 and receive support from all of them in different ways. their knowledge about the local area, funders, charity/vcse development is amazing. I attend many meetings and events they facilitate which are always well organised and presented. The staff are helpful, respond very quickly and signpost if they cannot help.”

“The whole team are always friendly, welcoming and understanding. Everyone is so helpful and happy to support and direct to others as needed and really promote joined up partnership working.”

“When setting the Charity up, I found the advice given and expertise so useful. At times when I have needed extra help, I have asked for it and a response received in a timely manner.”