Can you help the NELCCG by supporting a consultation session to review the Charging policy – adult social care support

The Council is required to have a policy setting out how it intends to charge for adult social care support.  The policy is currently being reviewed and the council may wish to propose some changes. 

Potentially, those changes could result in an increase for some people in the amount they pay for their adult social care support (subject to their individual financial assessment).  NELCCG would like to engage local people in considering the options that may result in a change to the policy – this includes engaging directly with individuals who might be affected, and with the wider public who may not be directly affected. 

NELCCG hope that some VCSE groups with an interest in adult social care might be able to host a session to help them to do this.  At the session they will share the potential options for changes to the policy and their implications, and take feedback from your group members.  Feedback will form part of a report which the Council will consider before deciding which changes (if any) are made to the charging policy.   The outcomes from this engagement will also be shared with you.

If you wish to host such a session – either separately or within an existing meeting – please let them know. These will probably take place in November, December and January if possible.

NELCCG estimate that around 45 minutes would be ideal to facilitate discussion, but could perhaps manage with less if you have a limited time to offer them!  

Please contact Emma Overton on if you can help or have any questions.