Can you help provide Sector Support North East Lincolnshire Partnership (SSNEL) and Locality with some information? It will take about 5 minutes of your time!

Locality is a national organisation that supports community organisations to thrive. They are working with North East Lincolnshire Council and Sector Support to increase appropriate and supported Community Asset Transfers (CAT) in Grimsby and the surrounding areas. Locality has been funded by Power to Change to undertake this work.   

We would like to understand if your organisation/group is interested in Community Asset Transfer, needs support to sustain or manage the property that you use, or just simply has an interest in this topic.  

We would also like to know the types of agreement that groups have to use a property for their community activity.   

Why? Completing this survey will help us to tailor our support workshops to your needs in the future and/or increase supported and appropriate community asset transfers. 

Some of you may ask, ‘What is a Community Asset Transfer (CAT)?’    

A community asset can be buildings or land which are used for the well-being or social interest of the local community.  Community Asset Transfer’ (CAT) refers specifically to a piece of land or a building moving from public ownership or management to community ownership or management.  

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