Bishop of Lincoln’s Social Justice Fund

Deadline 14th January 2022

The Object of the Fund is to build fair, just, sharing communities for people living in Lincolnshire and to make life more comfortable, ease distress and isolation for those most in need. Priority will be given to projects that address the causes of social injustice rather than the symptoms.

Funding is up to £5,000

Main Themes examples:

  • Social cohesion: Community activities providing; access to essential services, support for people leaving Prison and their families, migrant workers and families (ESOL classes and translation services) and other vulnerable groups. Projects that contribute to strong and cohesive communities, intergenerational activities that help to reduce anti-social behaviour the fear of crime, and help people in to employment.
  • Isolation: Activities that encourage residents to become more active and feel less isolated in their community such as befriending groups for people experiencing loneliness or be in need of care at home. Diversionary activities
    like rural and urban gardening projects that raise aspirations or reduce isolation for those suffering mental health issues, dementia or other long-term illness. Where possible, projects should be locally led and embedded in the communities they serve.
  • Poverty: Applications that tackle poverty in its various forms, projects that support early intervention or take preventative measures, that tackle debt,crime and/or worklessness.