Bereavement Support Package PMC

Deadline 8th March 2021

From North East Lincolnshire Council:

The Local Authority is looking to engage the market through Preliminary Market Consultation (PMC) regarding a completely new concept for bespoke bereavement services for the local area.

The consultation will be through a questionnaire where we like to understand the views of the market on our proposed new way of working.

Bespoke bereavement services would see a catalogue of options being offered to the public and from this PMC we would like to achieve the following;

  • Ascertain the level of interest for delivering Bespoke Bereavement Services through a concession contract
  • Develop an understanding of how accessible and low-cost Bespoke Bereavement Services could be provided

Preliminary Market Consultation (PMC) allows local authorities and other contracting authorities in the public sector to engage with a market.

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