Art Fund Weston Loan Programme

Currently closed

The Programme will support regional museums to secure important strategic loans and maximise loan opportunities in the context of their own collections and communities.

It is expected that the majority of grants to be for between £5,000 and £25,000, Art Fund will consider applications for smaller and larger amounts.

The aims of the Programme are:

  • To support the costs of new loans of works of art and artefacts to regional museums from the National collections.
  • To encourage new and/or stronger relationships between regional and National museums and galleries.
  • To help regional museums make the most of the opportunities associated with the loan and raise the profile of their own collections. This could include but is not limited to:
    • increasing the infrastructure, capacity and confidence in regional museums to secure and manage significant and strategic loans
    • raising the profile of the museum and supporting advocacy amongst its community and stakeholders by, for example, redisplaying and/or reinterpreting items in the borrowing museum’s collection, bringing items from the borrowing museum’s collections out of store etc
    • encouraging new and/or repeat visitors
    • developing relationships with new and wider audiences
    • promoting the importance and value of loans and partnership at a local, regional and/or national level.

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