Armed Forces Covenant Fund – Reaching and Supporting Armed Forces Communities

Deadline 14th November 2022

Funding is intended to support projects which are specific and targeted, rather than taking a generalist approach. This could mean supporting a defined group with its own defined needs, or addressing a challenging and pressing need within Armed Forces communities.

Grants of up to £100,000 over two or three years are available. In the case of three-year grants, funding will be tapered over the three years.

Projects should support serving personnel and/or their families or veterans and their families. Specific groups which could be targeted include:

  • People who have been bereaved.
  • Those with unmet needs from physical injury.
  • People serving in the Armed Forces who were born overseas or with immediate family overseas.
  • Armed Forces families coming to the UK.
  • Veterans from LGBT+ communities.
  • Female veterans.
  • Veterans and families with needs that make them particularly vulnerable.

Activities could explore socio-economic considerations or needs relating to disabilities or mental health needs such as addiction. Support for communities that have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic could also be considered.

Click here for the Armed forces Covenant Fund website.