Ambitious Bus Service Improvement Plan progresses with Cabinet approval

Leading Councillors have agreed to submit a £39m Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP) to Government for public transport improvements to be delivered over a five-year period following a special Cabinet meeting held on Wednesday 20 October.

As previously reported, highway officials have prepared the plan in response to the National Bus Strategy and have considered the plan to act as the key document to securing funds from a share of a £3-billion pot to improve public transport across England.

The funding could be used locally to develop initiatives and improvements including:
• Enhanced evening and weekend frequencies
• Changes to improve how certain areas are served
• Improved bus interchange facilities in Grimsby
• Clearer and more comprehensive information about services and ticketing through a wide variety of sources
• Improvements to the feeling of personal safety while using buses
• Modernising the bus fleet and introducing zero emission vehicles

The proposals have been developed in partnership with Stagecoach East Midlands, Grayscroft, Hunts and key community stakeholders.

The final amount secured from Government is not confirmed. Should the £39m proposal not be secured, the council will look to prioritise the available funds alongside the most needed recommendations.