AIM – Remedial Conservation Scheme

Deadline 30th September 2021

The Association of Independant Museums (AIM)/Pilgrim Trust Conservation Grant Scheme is intended to help small museums with the conservation of objects in their collections.

The maximum grant awarded will be £10,000. It is expected that the average grant awarded will be around £5,000.

Grants of less than £1,500 will be paid in full on award; others will be paid 50% on award and 50% on completion and receipt of the conservator’s report.

For the purposes of the scheme:

  • Conservation is defined as: actions to preserve or restore an object
  • Preservation: to maintain an object in its present state retarding deterioration
  • Restoration: to return an object to an earlier state by removing accretions without introducing any new material.

Project costs may include the conservator’s labour and materials, transport (including specialised packing) and reassembly.

For further information, please visit the AIM website here.