ACRE Village Hall – Step 4 – Learning to Live with the virus July 2021

With remaining Covid-19 regulations set to end on 19 July, ACRE has received a number of enquiries as to what village halls should do to continue keeping users safe.

In due course, they will be issuing updated and detailed information, however in the interim, they recommend village halls take note of the briefing note sent to all ACRE Network members which explains the changes expected.

In essence, ACRE expect legal restrictions will no longer apply, however government guidance on Covid safe measures will continue to be issued. This is because the Government is now stressing the need for people to “make informed decisions and act carefully and proportionately to manage risk to themselves and others”

The briefing note recommends that all halls continue to take steps that keep vulnerable residents safe, whether that be maintaining well-ventilated spaces or encouraging users to wear face masks.

You can read the guidance as an online pdf here