A glass half-full: 10 years on review

From Local Government Association:

Ten years ago, A glass half-full was published by the Local Government Association (LGA). Authored by Jane Foot and Trevor Hopkins it quickly became one of the most requested and downloaded reports ever produced by the LGA. It is still being read ten years later.

So why was it so successful? Partly it was timing. In 2010 a possible move of public health back into local government was already being discussed. Since the move in 2013, local authorities and their public health teams have been on a journey together to understand how they can use councils’ traditional functions in conjunction with their newly acquired public health expertise to maximise the contribution to closing the unjust health inequalities gap.

In the foreword to the original report the then Chairman of the LGA Wellbeing Board, Councillor David Rogers stated, ‘The health and wellbeing of our communities falls far beyond the scope of the NHS. Local government has risen to the challenge of working with its communities to improve health and play a leading role in partnership working’. This is more the case now than it has ever been.

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