4 Children and Young People’s Family Engagement Practitioner 6 month contract

To start from 1st June (post is flexible)

Project Objectives

  • Provide volunteering opportunities for parents, children and young people
  • Create and deliver online Peer support and Creative workshops videos and live streaming suitable for children aged 5-16
  • Create and deliver online pre-school activities for parents and toddlers
  • Set up and deliver 1-1 telephone support
  • Scale up existing activity – production and delivery of resilience, creative and educational resource packs.


  • Enrol parent, children and young people volunteers
  • Co-ordinate Volunteer training – ‘Become a Peer Mentor’ or a project Buddy- AQA Unit Award scheme Certification
  • Co-ordinate Online Volunteer forums to help shape project, its development and assist with delivery
  • Create and update Ongoing reflections via survey monkey/telephone interviews and assessments
  • Set up safe online access for Children, young people and parents/carers
  • Set up, facilitate sessional workers, deliver – Creative workshops- chosen by participants who may also be involved in delivery eg ‘How to Art/Craft videos, making videos of photo collections of members ‘finished work’, Dance video’s, Creative writing workshops- my COVID 19 story, Comic strips, create timecapsules
  • Use feedback to develop additional resilience, creative and educational resource packs
  • Co-ordinate Administration of orders, packing and delivery of Activity and Resource packs to individual addresses and organisations
  • Create and maintain User led initial assessments, monitoring and evaluations following outcome led model.
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