Universal Credit Prescription form (FP10) updated

The prescription form (FP10) now contains an option for ‘Universal Credit’

A workaround has been in place since the beginning of UC, that meant any UC claimants wishing to claim free prescriptions had to complete the FP10 by selecting the ‘Income Based Jobseeker’s Allowance’ option.

From this week, all new FP10s that are ordered by healthcare providers will be the updated form with the new ‘Universal Credit’ option – so anyone in receipt of UC, who meets the qualifying criteria*, must select this box when using the new form.

The existing stock of FP10s without this option will still be in circulation for some time until they are all used up, so anyone using these older forms must continue using the workaround above.

The new FP10 can be seen in the link below. Option ’U’ is the new UC one.


*Next to the ‘Universal Credit’ option, there is a short webpage address where people can go to for more information on whether they meet the qualifying criteria:


For anyone that does not qualify under these criteria, they are still able to apply for help via the NHS Low Income Scheme


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