Local VCSE services status

NEL Women’s Aid have released an update regarding their services.
They will continue to support those experiencing domestic abuse

Click here for NEL Women’s Aid update.

Climb4 have released a contingency plan in order to stay safe which has resulted in cancellations to their events

Click here for Climb4 to see their full statement.

Carers’ Support Service has released a service update regarding the Covid-19

Click here for Carers Support Service update.

Alzheimer’s Society – North & North East Lincolnshire team update on services. 

Click here to view Alzheimer’s Society statement.

Age UK have released A statement regarding closure has been released. 

Click here to view Age UK update.

Community Shop are staying open to support there local community and
are welcoming any local people (irrespective if they aren’t a member).

Click here to see Community Shop statement.

Doorstep have closed there Pasture Street centre until further notice, they are still delivering their service but via online and phone called.

Click here to see the Doorstep updates.

St Augustine’s Community Church have closed until further notice.

Sussex Pavilion has cancelled all bookings until further notice and closed its doors to the public effective from 7.30pm 20th March 2020

N.E.Lincs Community Friends has stopped until further notice due to Covid-19

St Andrews Hospice are closed to the general public, other than patients and their close family members.

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