Home Office – Serious and Organised Crime – Funding available for projects, interventions and innovation – Grimsby & Immingham

Deadline 6th October 2019

Following the Governments launch of the Serious and Organised Crime (SOC) Strategy in November 2018 – the Home Office identified Grimsby, alongside 7 other areas across the country, to invest in partnership working.  The work should enhance pre-existing work in this area to divert children, young people and vulnerable adults away from SOC. 

The project is broken down into two key areas:

  • Prevention and Early Intervention – stopping people entering into organised criminality.
  • Community Resilience – Building the highest levels of defence and resilience in vulnerable people, communities, businesses and systems.

Including delivering real messages and education about the dangers of SOC in a manner that is clear and impactive.

They are happy for you to flex between the above headings in your application and do not constrain on innovation if your project meets the criteria and needs of the project.

Below are the three tiers of intervention:

Primary interventions: aimed at young people who aren’t necessarily involved in SOC but assessed as vulnerable. Interventions are intended to discourage young people from committing serious offences e.g. mass participation interventions and awareness raising at school.
Secondary Interventions: aimed at, at risk young people with emerging indicators of being drawn into SOC.
Tertiary Interventions: aimed at the hardest to reach and most challenging young and vulnerable people. Interventions are intended to facilitate desistance from SOC activity.
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