Exhibition – HMP Hull

HMP Hull currently have an exhibition running in the Street Life Museum. Hull. “Lessons Learnt Behind Bars”

It is aimed at raising attention to some of the good work that takes place in the prison to provide prisoners with education, qualifications, and skills that will assist them to settle into a non-criminal lifestyle when they are released.

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Cert Consultancy Free business support

CERT have recieved funding from People’s Postcode Lottery and the Connect Fund to be able to offer advice and guidance to social enterprises in the Humber region free of charge in 2019/20

If you need a “critical friend” or just want to share your thoughts with an impartial expert, get in touch at Neil King:

Neil King on 01652 240554 or neil@cert-ltd.co.uk

They can’t undertake to deliver projects on your behalf but they can help to guide you and your organisation.

CERT staff are all Sfedi qualified business counsellors with 15-20 years of practical experience of developing, managing and expanding a wide range of social businesses. their services are used by many of the leading enterprises in the area.

If for any reason they are not able to help you they will happily refer you to other organisations who are better placed.

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Ultimate Bounce-athon St Andrews Hospice

A COMPANY boss is transforming into Tigger to lead a major fun-d raising bounce for St Andrew’s Hospice – helping to raise money in its 40th anniversary year.

To celebrate the ruby birthday of St Andrew’s, Chris Tonge is reaching for the stars – well, looking to bounce his way a bit nearer to them anyway!  He is organising The Ultimate Bounce-athon and he wants other organisations to jump on board.

Alternatively, organisations can carry out their own bounce-athons during the week – and some are already getting the bouncing bug:

  • Tuesday October 8, VANEL (Voluntary Action North East Lincolnshire) is hopping on board with a day-long ‘ultimate space hop’ by members of the Uniformed Services, followed by a basketball bounce by the Snaprats Basketball Club;
  • Wednesday October 9, 9.30am until 5.30pm: Grimsby’s Oasis Gym will host 40-minute exercise ball bounce sessions;
  • Thursday October 10, 11am until 7.30pm: Walkers Total Fitness, on Cleethorpes’ North Prom will be doing 40-minute sponsored skip-athon sessions.

To find out more, please visit the Heart My Hospice Funding Page here.

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Rock Foundation “Drop Off” Support

The Rock Foundation would love support from the community through collecting donations which enables them to run their food banks locally which serve as a lifeline to vulnerable people in our communities.

So would your business or organisation be willing to be a ‘Drop Off Point’ for donated goods from members of the public which could then be collected by the Rock Foundation to be dispersed through the food bank? Yes? Great!!

Below attachment is a poster for you to display in a front placing spot (possibly a window or noticeboard) listing the type of donations Rock would welcome from the public.

Once you have collected some donations simply contact Rock on 01472 488026 to organise collection. Thank you for your support.

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PBSA – Ideas for Public Speakers

Place Based Social Action (PBSA) would like to put on a regular series of public speaking events, perhaps with film/video/demonstrations + audience engagement/participation/debate.

Topics can range across politics, public service, community, power, media, social sciences, philosophy, arts – anything, really, that is engaging and challenging human.

Do you have any suggestions of speakers and/or topics and would you like to get involved in putting such events together? Can be big names, international reputation etc – don’t ask, don’t get! But, don’t have to be – perhaps you know of somebody charismatic or otherwise sparky…

Email Billy Dasein at billydasein@gmail.com

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The National Lottery Community Fund: Yorkshire and Humber funding ecology research

This research is intended to increase the knowledge of the ‘funding ecology’ specifically within the Yorkshire and Humber region, with the following three purposes:

  1. Give understanding to the National Lottery Community Fund and locally based grant-making trusts about how and where their combined funding is distributed within the region
  2. Use this understanding to approach local authorities and other local public sector bodies (Police and Crime Commissioners, Fire and Rescue Authorities, CCGs) to use independent funding to complement other support to the VCS
  3. Raise awareness amongst larger national charitable trusts and foundations about the make up of their funding in Yorkshire and Humber, including any gaps or lack of weighting towards the region.

To access the research report, please click here.

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Can you help the NELCCG by supporting a consultation session to review the Charging policy – adult social care support

The Council is required to have a policy setting out how it intends to charge for adult social care support.  The policy is currently being reviewed and the council may wish to propose some changes. 

Potentially, those changes could result in an increase for some people in the amount they pay for their adult social care support (subject to their individual financial assessment).  NELCCG would like to engage local people in considering the options that may result in a change to the policy – this includes engaging directly with individuals who might be affected, and with the wider public who may not be directly affected. 

NELCCG hope that some VCSE groups with an interest in adult social care might be able to host a session to help them to do this.  At the session they will share the potential options for changes to the policy and their implications, and take feedback from your group members.  Feedback will form part of a report which the Council will consider before deciding which changes (if any) are made to the charging policy.   The outcomes from this engagement will also be shared with you.

If you wish to host such a session – either separately or within an existing meeting – please let them know. These will probably take place in November, December and January if possible.

NELCCG estimate that around 45 minutes would be ideal to facilitate discussion, but could perhaps manage with less if you have a limited time to offer them!  

Please contact Emma Overton on emmaoverton@nhs.net if you can help or have any questions.

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Women and Girls Initiative Influencing Commissioning

‘Influencing Commissioners’ has been developed as a resource for projects funded through the National Lottery Community Fund’s Women and Girls Initiative (WGI).

It is the fourth public output produced as part of the Learning and Impact Services provided to projects funded through the WGI. The WGI was created by the Fund in 2016, in order to invest in services for women and girls across England.

This guide has been written, based on the keynote presentations given by Michelle Pooley and Fiona Dwyer during WGI Msterclasses delivered during 2018. It is designed to support project staff when thinking about how best to influence those commissioning services and the commissioning process itself. It covers the following areas:

  • What is commissioning?
  • What is public procurement?
  • Top tips for influencing commissioners

To read the guide, please click here.

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