North East Lincolnshire Public Procurement

North East Lincolnshire Council are aware there is a perception that public procurement can be bureaucratic and difficult to navigate but we are unsure what the particular barriers or issues are.  However we are committed to improving our processes so that they evolve and are easier to access and use for both commissioners and suppliers.

They are therefore seeking feedback from local suppliers, in particular the VCS and wanted to ask about their experiences of tendering for contracts with North East Lincolnshire Council and accessing the local authority’s e-tendering system (YORtender).

NELC are also looking for volunteers to try out their new online supplier questionnaire on YORtender to ascertain whether tender documentation is easier and simpler to complete on-line rather than the current process of downloading documentation.

To feedback and/or volunteer could you e-mail please by the 27 March ’20.

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Car Parks – Changes for Consideration

Deadline 5th March 2020

In December 2017, the North East Lincolnshire Council adopted a parking strategy which sets out a revised approach to the management of parking in the area. NELC would like to know what you think about each of these possible changes and allow you to comment on how any changes in these areas would affect you. These changes could include:

  • Short stay car parks
  • Time limits in free car parks
  • Changes to Season Ticket options
  • Overnight parking
  • New seasonal charge

They’re looking to get the public opinion on these possible changes before they take any of the ideas forward.

You can access the consultation on the NELC website here.

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Police Funding 2020/21 – Give Your Views

Deadline Wednesday 29th January 2020

The Humberside Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC), Keith Hunter, is asking residents to give their views about police funding in an online survey.

The General Election in December caused a delay in the announcement of the police funding settlement from Government. PCCs must know how much grant they are to receive from Government to allow them to calculate at what level they should set their Council Tax precept proposals to ensure a balanced budget. We are informed this announcement will now be made later this month but the PCC has a duty to consult with residents and make a decision on precept levels for 2020/21 to propose to the Police and Crime Panel on 6th February. This allows very little time.

The police precept is the part of the Council Tax that contributes towards the total funding available to the Police and Crime Commissioner to provide policing, community safety and victims’ services.

To read the full information and take the survey, click here.

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Selective Licensing Consultation for East and West Marsh areas

Deadline 26th March 2020

The Council is considering a landlord and tenant friendly Selective Licensing Scheme within parts of the East and West Marsh areas.   It’s intended to tackle the issues of crime, anti-social behaviour and poor housing conditions. We’re consulting with residents of the area, landlords and members of the public so this is an opportunity for you to influence how the scheme will be developed and carried out.

Residents & the public Survey

Landlords Survey

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Tearoom and Pet Crematorium Survey

Deadline 4th February 2020

North East Lincolnshire Council is carrying out a project to improve the accessibility and affordability of our bereavement services.

They’re looking at the options of a tearoom and pet crematorium. Any income generated by the pet crematorium and tearoom will be used to re-invest in the service.

The tearoom would be in the grounds of the Crematorium, Weelsby Avenue, Grimsby, based in the former Crematorium Lodge.  This will bring a disused building back into use and will provide refreshments for visitors to the cemetery and crematorium and offer a venue for wakes and funeral teas. A flower shop will also be incorporated into this building. NELC would like the public to help them agree on a suitable name for the tearoom, which will have its own garden and offer a tranquil setting for refreshments.

Click here for the consultation.

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NELincs CCTV Strategy Survey

Deadline 20th January 2020

North East Lincolnshires cameras are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and they proved to be an essential tool in both detecting and deterring crime.

NELC want to make sure that CCTV continues to make a difference, that’s why we are looking into new CCTV technological advancements and different ways of working, so there can be more responsive in town centres.

NELC would like to understand how you feel about CCTV in North East Lincolnshire and gather your views on these new initiatives.

You can access the survey here.

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NELC Household Waste and Recycling Survey

Deadline 20th January 2020

This survey comes as central government is proposing some big changes to how recycling and waste is managed in England and this will shape what councils all across the country do in the future. More detail about these proposals is expected early in 2020.

North East Lincolnshire Council (NELC) want to understand your views on the environment, how to improve recycling rates, food waste, Community Recycling Centres (the tips) and how recycling is collected from people’s homes.

To find out more or to take the survey, please click here.

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NELC Budget Survey

Deadline 26th January 2020

North East Lincolnshire Council want North East Lincolnshire to be a place where people thrive, businesses succeed and visitors enjoy what NELincs has got to offer. To help achieve this, they align the Council budget to support the delivery of our main priorities: 

Stronger economy – Growing a higher value business economy, creating good quality jobs and celebrating our place.

Stronger communities – Reducing inequalities, growing skill levels, enabling a good quality of life and supporting families throughout their lives. 

The aim of this survey is to take account of residents’ genuine preferences and concerns rather than being skewed by respondents answering that money should only be put into services that they use. This survey is designed to be overarching based on overall resource allocation, further consultation about specific proposals will take place when necessary. 

NELC need to be careful to make sure that they don’t let down any key groups of people in North East Lincolnshire. They use other information to supplement the results of this consultation alongside meeting their statutory obligations. 

To find out more and to take the survey, please click here.

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Grimsby’s Waterfront – Including Garth Lane Footbridge

Deadline 4th December 2019

North East Lincolnshire Council want to know what people think Grimsby’s waterfront should look like and hear ideas for public artwork in this area.

With approximately £3.5 million in grant and support funding through the Greater Grimsby Town Deal and Local Growth Fund, this historical area of central Grimsby is getting a major face-lift.

Initial ideas include a wider footbridge with new artwork, public areas, lighting and seating. New landscaping will be created from the bridge down to the river basin and work to improve the water quality and protect wildlife will be included in the scheme.

You can view the survey here

Paper copies are available at council customer access points or Lincs Inspire Libraries and different formats are available upon request.

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